1st and 2nd Mortgages


Saving you time and giving you funds on time with competitive rates.

Funds are secured against newly appraised real estate properties, and go through rigorous industry-standard underwriting qualification.

A second mortgage when done properly can be extremely useful.

It is often used as a practical solution to overcoming debt hurdles and can help you take care of larger expenses.

If you are looking for investing or need to be approved for a mortgage, Uptown Financial Inc. in Vaughan will help you achieve your financial goals.​

What Situations Are Best For
Private Lending?


1st or 2nd Mortgage


Lowering Monthly Debt Payments


Home Renovations


Land Development


New Construction


Investment Properties
That Build Wealth

How Much Can You Borrow?

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Private Money vs Traditional Lending

When we talk about the “private money” industry, what we mean is an industry that primarily targets real estate investors and/or borrowers that fail to meet the underwriting guidelines of traditional financial institutions, like banks and credit unions. Private money mortgages are typically short duration loans with maturities between 6 and 24 months.

The product is typically interest-only with a principal balloon payment due at maturity.

Differences Between Traditional
Lenders and Private Money Lenders

Uptown Financial specializes in:

  • Bad Credit
  • Limited Of No Income
  • Prior Bankruptcies Or Consumer
  • Proposals
  • Rush Closings

traditional lending help with:

  • Strong Credit
  • Strong Income
  • No Prior Bankruptcies Or Consumer
  • Proposals
  • No Missed Payments
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