Private Mortgage Lender
Private Mortgage Lender
Located in Vaughan
Located in Vaughan
A mortgage for every need
A mortgage for every need
Lending all over Ontario.
Lending all over Ontario
Tailored Solutions for 1st and 2nd Mortgages
Tailored Solutions for 1st and 2nd Mortgages
Serving Residential & Commercial Real Estate
Serving Residential & Commercial Real Estate
Transition smoothly with our bridge financing
Transition smoothly with our bridge financing
Investing in Your Future
Investing in Your Future
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What you Should know

Real estate is the primary money maker for many investors. Unlike stocks, real estate is a stable asset that holds and often appreciates in value. However, these attributes are also what makes real estate investing difficult to get into. Without a significant amount of capital to invest, a condo, house and even land can seem too expensive to acquire for most people.

But, there is a way for average Canadians to invest in real estate that does not involve having hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy and manage real estate. You can start with a relatively low investment, receive a monthly interest payment, and help aspiring Canadians reach their goal of buying a place to call their home.


Faster Approval and Funding

Flexible Terms and Conditions

Access to Financing When Traditional Lenders Decline

Investment Opportunities



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Our Private Mortgage
Lender Services

Residential + commercial lending

1st & 2nd


Bridge Financing


Creating a seamless way for
Canadians to invest in mortgages.

Continual growth of our assets under management by providing a secure investment solution.

Having a team of experienced underwriters who process various requests and determine whether the loan fits within our strict lending guidelines.

Working with the borrower and their broker to finalize the loan. Upon successful underwriting, we use funds from Uptown’s trust account to fund the mortgage and our Investors yield significant returns.

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